Our Training Program

Our Training Program

Crate training, socialization skills, basic obedience, and manners are essential for all puppies. At Eagleridge Goldens™, we gladly handle these tasks for you! Our Training Program employs positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience to ensure that your puppy excels. Both of our certified dog trainers are AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Evaluators.
We cover vaccinations and micro-chipping, saving you expenses and vet trips. Plus, our trained puppies are excellent candidates for service dogs.

At 7 weeks of age, puppies will be put through distraction, temperament, and focus testing. Those who score the highest will be selected for our Training Program. Beginning at 8 weeks of age until the age of 16-18 weeks, puppies will be trained each day. The following are things that your puppy will learn in our program:

  • Crate training

  • Threshold Training

  • Socialization

  • How to walk nicely on a leash

  • Sit, down, stay, come, place

During the 8 weeks of training, we strongly encourage new owners to come up once every 1-2 weeks to practice the training routine with the pup. In doing this, the puppy will be more likely to recognize you and follow your commands when you bring them home. Upon bringing them home, you will still need to work with the puppy a few times a day, for no more than 5 minutes at a time, to establish yourself as the new pack leader.

Every two weeks, we post videos on our YouTube Training Page, enabling you to track your pup's progress in the training program (be sure to subscribe to the channel!). These videos serve as a valuable reference if you ever need a refresher on your pup's training routine once they're home.

*The owner bears the exclusive responsibility for potty training a puppy. Accidents occur when the owner misses cues, and while many trainees are often potty trained upon returning home, success hinges on the level of supervision and attention provided. When a puppy can’t be supervised, it is advisable to keep them in their crate for safety.*